HR Services for Growing Startups

We specialize in helping early-stage tech companies with under 100 employees and no full-time HR person on staff 


Perform an HR gap analysis and create a suggested plan, priorities, and schedule for improvement.


Assess HRIS, ATS, and associated systems, propose suitable choices, lead and oversee implementation.

Policy & Process

Craft, formalize, and educate on cohesive, legally sound policies and practices. Assess the requirement for and suggest appropriately scaled processes, procedures, tailored to your growth stage.

Compliance & Documents

Establish a comprehensive HR document repository, housing essential resources such as handbooks, templates (e.g., offer letters), presentation decks, and training materials for your convenience.

Benefit Program Setup

Partner with a broker or PEO to explore benefit options, make informed recommendations, and oversee the enrollment process. 

Compensation Setup

Conduct comprehensive salary benchmarking and craft competitive pay ranges.


Collaborate to define and implement core values, establish recognition initiatives, to enhance your organization's culture and engagement.

Employer Brand

Assist in creating brand assets, raising awareness, and fostering a positive reputation for your company within the tech community, educational institutions, and professional organizations.

Vendor Setup

Put in place budget-friendly vendor partnerships for background checks, training, and any third-party services.

Recruitment Program Setup

Establish an ATS system and/or create job postings, design and deliver interviewing training, collaborate on inbound recruitment efforts with hiring manager(s).

Performance Management

Create and educate managers on effective goal setting, conduct one-on-one meetings, and performance evaluation techniques


Referrals to known experts for services not provided.

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