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Our founder took on the pivotal role of modernizing and automating the HR and Recruiting function as the second HR leader in the company's history to lead this transformation. Her responsibilities encompassed a wide spectrum, including compliance, onboarding/off-boarding, recruitment, compensation, employer branding, employee engagement, and performance reviews. Additionally, she spearheaded the RTO hybrid initiative and created inviting office spaces to enhance the overall work environment for employees.

Implemented HRIS 
Connected & Automated Benefits
Grew headcount by 32% 

2021 - 2023

Serving as the sole member of the HR team, our founder single-handedly pioneered and operated the Unsupervised HR and Recruiting functions. Her responsibilities encompassed a wide array of areas, including recruitment, compensation, benefits administration, performance management, employer branding, employee engagement, and much more. 

Notably, she adeptly navigated and executed two reductions in force when required.

2019 - 2021

Our founder played a pivotal role in establishing the HR department from scratch, meticulously crafting its structure, policies, procedures, and best practices, and creating all the associated materials such as the employee handbook, process flows, and the department's intranet page. She masterfully balanced the legal responsibilities of HR with the unique and diverse culture of the organization. She seamlessly switched between recruitment and comprehensive HR services, occasionally delving into operational tasks. Additionally, she made valuable contributions to the community by sponsoring and coordinating Meetup presenters for tech events.

Implemented company Intranet
Implemented ATS & HRIS system
40% YoY Growth 

2017 - 2019

The founder made a crucial contribution in founding the Recruitment department from the ground up, painstakingly designing its framework, procedures for onboarding, and setting the best practices. She adeptly managed recruiting duties in tandem with HR to attract a wide range of talent. Her ability to seamlessly transition between recruitment and providing extensive HR services, sometimes involving operational responsibilities, was noteworthy.

Implemented ATS & HRIS system
35% YoY company growth

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